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If you are looking for a fun learning game for your kid.  You can check out the wonderful range of  Geomagworld toys. These are available in various ranges and are perfect options to build their skills. These magnetic construction kits help in the growth of the kids and also develop their imagination skills.  The kids can buy various structures with this range of magnetic construction kits. These are available for different age groups and you can buy what you find suitable for your kids. Kids can explore the hidden world by just playing with these magnetic toys.

Kids can gain STEM skills and problem-solving skills. Here are just some of the most popular sets which are suitable for your kids.

Ages 1+

These are suitable for the kid’s age group of 1- 5 years.  This Magicube (067) Full Color Recycled Try Me 16 Piece Set is best to nurture your child’s mental ability. The kids can efficiently play with these cubes and can feel the magnetic power.  The stacking becomes so much easier, and kids can make limitless constructions with it.  It can build their imagination power, they can buy anything by just connecting the, in various ways. These magnetic cubes are in different colors which also gives an eye catchy look to little ones.

Magicube (202) Shapes Wheels 13 Piece Set.  You can get it from easily. Magicube is a revolutionary building block system.  These are made up of magnetic cubes and provided with magnetic wheels. It includes 4 shapes and wheels that attach on all six sides.

Ages 3+

You can also buy Geomag (536) Glitter 60-Piece Set. These are Glitter Recycled 60-piece sets.  These include the most powerful magnetic rods which are glittery in color. The sparkle effect is loved by kids to play. The kids can frame various shapes and spheres by just connecting. It enhances their ability to learn and also increases their grasping power when they frame.

The Geomag (329) Glow Recycled 42-Piece Set is very functional for kids.  Geomag Glow sets use solar power to function and are made with recyclable material.   The kids can experience an exciting party without damaging the environment. The packed full of vibrant panels, rods, and spheres are available in natural glow-in-the-dark magnetic rods. It allows endless hours of imaginative play alone or with friends.  These are made from 100% recycled plastic, giving kids a new experience while playing in the dark.

Geomag (378) Recycled 52 Piece Set is a fun activity for kids.  It has Supercolor Panels 52 pcs creating various fun activities for kids.  The kids can use powerful magnetic rods, steel spheres, and tiles. It allows children to create unlimited structural shapes.  It can help to grasp the fine motor skills of the kids. The kids can make taller and larger structures and are a great introduction to STEM activities.

 Ages 5+

Enhance your kid’s creativity with Geomag (377) Recycled 35 Piece Set. It is specially designed to help stimulate children’s mental growth.  The set includes 1 storage box inside.  It has many play possibilities and also promotes hands-on learning experiences for the kids.  It is one of the best creative approaches to problem-solving capability in your kids. The kit has endless construction possibilities which also includes a portable storage box and an instruction booklet.

Ages 7+

Geomag (768) Mechanics Motion 3 Gears 160 Piece Set creates wonders for the kids.   With these kids can construct functioning models.  You can create it in many shapes as well as in amazing sizes.  You can use it using the proper magnetic force to hold them together.  In this kids can build their compass with a ball bearing.  It repulses them to activate a motion.  It is the best game to build your amazing models.  It has building ball bearings and uses the repelling force to create various shapes.

Geomag (766) Mechanics Motion Compass 35 Piece Set is a best-focussing activity for your kids.  It has magnetic rods and steel spheres, with a magnetic construction system. A mechanical drive for system expansion, and even additional play possibilities.  Explain the kids playing possibilities and build the kid’s creativity. The parts of these structures can rotate also with the magnetic force. The kids can discover chain reactions with a compass to expose this magnetic force

Ages 8+

Geomag (764) Mechanics Gravity Vertical Motor is also a fine skill activity for above 8 kids.  The set includes  183 Piece Set. The ‘gravity engine’ can exploit the weight of the Geomag spheres to trigger the mechanism of Mechanics constructions, without resorting to electric or battery motors it has magnetism and gravity, skills.  It has  Mechanics Gravity a STEM product by which kids can build a motor using the force of gravity.  It can stimulate all levels of scientific insight and enhance the knowledge of your kids.

Geomag (763) Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns is a fun activity tool for learning the power of magnetism.  It includes 130 Pieces. It has a booklet that has detailed instructions about how kids connect all the pieces.  It includes building the winding, looping ball-bearing track.  Get into the race with ball bearings rolling down the slope.  SNAP it down as it turns through the curves.

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