Timber Flooring

Why Timber Flooring Is The Better Option For Your Australian Home

When it comes to renovating your property should it be your home or office, there are a number of important decisions that need to be made with regard to the type of floor that you want to have installed. You need to think about what its purpose will be and if it is for your business then you want the choice to be something that can handle many people walking over it every single day and it has to be something that is easy to maintain and to take care of. The same rules kind of apply to your home as well because if you have kids then there will be lots of walking across it every single day and maybe even the family dog will get involved as well.

We have many different types of floors to choose from but if you want something that is incredibly resilient and that will last you many years then it has to be timber flooring in Sydney every single time. Many home and business owners pick this particular floor because of its functionality and because it always makes a space look incredibly modern. If you are still a little bit reluctant to make the final decision then maybe the following reasons why timber flooring is the better option for your Australian property every time can help.

  1. It lasts a lot longer – Many people will sing the praises of carpet and how it lasts such a long time but nothing comes into comparison when it comes to hard work flooring. It is incredibly strong and many homes still have timber flooring looking great even after five decades have passed. It’s all about the installation and you can expect your timber flooring to still be functional maybe even 100 years from now when you are long gone or you decide to relocate.
  2. It adds value to your property – When you spend money on installing timber flooring in your property, you are not only making the right decision when it comes to having a floor that looks amazing but you’re also ensuring that you will recover any money that you spend many years from now if you decide to sell the property. Wooden flooring is a great selling point for any homeowner and potential buyers are more likely to put a bid in early if you have them.
  3. It is perfect for allergies – Many kids nowadays and indeed adults suffer from certain allergies and that’s the beauty about installing a timber floor because dust and allergens don’t get a chance to get a foothold and they can be easily mopped in a very short space of time. This is the ideal floor covering for families that don’t want their kids to get sick and miss school because their allergies are playing up.

The other selling point is that timber is completely recyclable so you’re making the best choice not only for your home or business but for the environment that surrounds us every single day as well.

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