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Warning Signs You Should Take Your New Baby to the ER

As a parent, the health and safety of your child is always a priority. Monitoring your baby’s health is always essential to ensure it is growing well. But sometimes, you might be faced with an emergency and not necessarily know what to do. This would be the right time to consider taking your baby to the nearest professional health center.

Since it is your new baby, you may not be sure what the problem is, and so you need help from a licensed professional physician. The time you take to get your baby to the ER can mean life and death. It is essential to know when is the right time to move fast and get your baby to an emergency room before any problems escalate. Here are some of the warning signs that you should not hesitate to take your new baby to the emergency room as soon as you notice them.

Breathing Problems

Breathing problems can be very detrimental to your newborn, especially when they are breathing too fast. Breathing too fast might be more than 60 breaths within a minute, and it would be easy to notice this, especially when the baby seems to be having a bluish skin color that appears to be staying for more time than usual. Remember that pauses should be at most 10 seconds between each breath the baby takes. You may have to count the breaths to be sure since newborns do have irregular breathing problems.


If your infant has a fever, it could be a clear indication that they need to go to get to the emergency room as soon as possible. Checking your baby’s temperature is very easy, and all you need is a digital thermometer. It is essential to avoid using a mercury thermometer on your newborn child.
You can check for the rectal temperature for digital temperatures, mostly ideal for babies younger than three years. It is the most accurate and can give you precise results. You can also check the forehead temperature first and then move to the rectal temperature to get more accurate results.

 Using a Digital Thermometer

When using the thermometer, remember to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for correct use. If your child’s temperature is higher than 100.4°F (38°C), the immediate action is to take them to the emergency room for further tests and treatment.

Irregular Stools

If your baby’s stool is hard after breastfeeding or using a bottle, then it might be of concern since they need more fluids. They might be losing fluids due to illness, so it’s essential to get them immediately checked.

These signs should not be overlooked and should immediately. For any sign that is not normal, seeking treatment should be the priority. If you are looking to improve your personal ability to care for kids, consider going to training classes like these child care courses in Sydney.

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