dogs in an Apartment

How to take care of dogs in an Apartment?

In the present world, just like how nuclear families have become a norm, apartment life also has become so common. People feel more secure and safe in an apartment. Less maintenance is another advantage of the same. But, there are people who are ardent dog lovers, who hesitate to have one, only because they are in an apartment. Can a dog really adjust to an apartment life? Well, the answer is definitely yes.

The common myth is that dogs will have pent-up energy if they are in an apartment. Not really, if you invest some effort and energy in taking care of their needs. You can use some creativity and engage them and here are some of the tips.

Exercise your dog as much as possible

So as you know, no matter how big or small the apartment is, the dog wouldn’t have enough room to run freely. So always make sure you take them out for daily walks. Ensure that they have a good playtime. If you can find any enclosed areas where you can set them free, that will be great too.

Fill a toy basket

Dogs are like toddlers. They will easily get bored, especially if they don’t have lots of space to explore for themselves. So let them have a basket full of toys that they can access anytime.

You can also fill it with all kinds of ropes, treat dispensers, bonds, chews etc. The more you keep things that will make them engaged, the less they will play with your household stuff causing some serious damages.

Keep your dog quiet while you’re away

One of the challenges you will face will be to keep your dog quiet while you are away. Because as it is an apartment, surrounding neighbors can get easily disturbed with the loud woofs. So to avoid that, practice them with lots of exercise and toys to keep quiet when you are not home. Crate-training is also one good option. Slowly you and your dog will reach there.

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