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An Easy Guide to Kitchen Force Multipliers

It’s a well-known fact that kitchens are the heart of every home. But, with limited space and time to cook, many of us find ourselves using our kitchen less than we should. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! With just a few best tools, you can maximize your kitchen space and efficiency to make cooking more enjoyable while still having plenty of room for other activities in your household or catering business. Here are eight kitchen tools that will help you do just that.

Magnet Racks

A magnet rack is a universal kitchen tool that can hang almost anything in the kitchen, including dry storage food items and even pots, pans, and utensils. It’s made out of a metal bar attached toothbrush-like plastic brackets or trays with strong neodymium magnets on their bottoms. The really great thing about magnet racks is that they are removable so that you can move them around to any location in your kitchen. Not only does this allow you to store things more efficiently, but it also provides easy access when you need your pots and pans. Magnet racks come in all shapes and sizes, including one for the fridge door, drawers, or even the oven door. You can also find them for specific items such as a knife rack or one for pots and pans.

Multi-Chamber Ovens

With a multi-chamber oven, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously, increasing your cooking efficiency and lowering energy consumption. They’re also great for smaller spaces because they use less space than using more traditional ovens that only have one compartment. Multi-chamber ovens and combi-ovens are also very easy to clean, which is important if you’re a regular baker or make large batches of food.

Fridge Ice/water Machines

If you’re looking to keep your drinks cold and don’t have room for extra bottles or cans in your refrigerator, a fridge ice/water machine is just what you need. They are designed to fit almost anywhere, which makes them great for spaces like the office or even hotel rooms. You can also add these to your kitchen to keep the drinks cold while you’re cooking.

Collapsible Counter Space

In some kitchens, you might find no more room for a second sink or counter space. A great solution to this problem is collapsible countertops. Models range from foldable tables and cutting boards to cupboards with built-in sinks so you can get even more use out of the limited cooking space you have. These are great for putting together a mobile kitchen or to help you get organized in your home.

Kitchen Converters

Similar to collapsible counters is the idea of “kitchen converters” or space-saving furniture. They can really give older houses with smaller kitchens new life and make you feel like you have a lot more room for cooking. Things like pull-out shelves or drawers can help to make cooking more efficient. You can even set these up in your living room if you have the extra space and use them as a buffet when friends come over.

Spice Racks

Spice racks are a great way to preserve your spice and herbs. You can keep them inside the cupboard or outside on the countertop. If you’re lucky enough to have ample space, an even better solution would be to invest in some overhead rack system that could help eliminate clutter in your kitchen. The choice is yours, but regardless of which spice rack you get, it will help to keep your spices fresh longer and more accessible.

Hanging Wine Glass Rack

To make the most of the limited counter space, use a hanging wine glass rack to replace some kitchen tools. You can easily put away your extra pots or pans so that you clear off counter space for your cookware. Not only that, but you can also include wine glasses on the rack to save even more space. You’ll have a lot less clutter in your kitchen and will be able to keep everything within reach when it comes time to grab something out of the cabinets or cupboards.

Cast Iron Pan Hangers

If you’re going to be using cast iron pans in your kitchen, then you need a way to store them. Cast iron can oftentimes be quite heavy, so you must find a great storage solution that will keep them safe and secure on the wall. Cast iron hangers are designed to hold the weight of a cast-iron pan, making it less likely to fall off. They are also great because you can hang more than one on the same hook so that they’re within reach at all times.

With people’s tastes changing, kitchens have changed with them. Many kitchens these days have some multi-functioning or portable feature that makes a living in a small space easier to handle. Since the kitchen is an integral part of a home, you must find ways to make your life run smoother. The above products are some of the top sellers in the US and can help you get organized in your kitchen, no matter how small.

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