Benefits of Clinical Pilates

The Benefits of Clinical Pilates: Going Beyond Fitness for Overall Health

Clinical Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on movement patterns that allow for improved body awareness, abdominal control and correct breathing. The focus is on each part of the body and how it connects as a whole and is facilitated by equipment such as reformers, mats and Pilates chairs.

A physiotherapist is who runs these sessions, and the aim is to guide your technique to prevent injury and develop exercises to suit your specific needs. If you’re interested in joining a class Propel Physio offers expert-led Clinical Pilates classes as well as Pre and Postnatal Pilates

The Benefits of Clinical Pilates on Health and Wellness

Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles for Pre and Post Natal Women

Clinical Pilates is ideal for expectant mothers. Clinical Pilates increases pelvic floor strength and flexibility to prevent and relieve lower back and hip pain. These exercises create a strong foundation that makes work easier for the mother and baby.  It is also great for shaping and toning after childbirth and healing from diastasis, any tearing or incontinence issues.

Physical activity before and after birth has certain limits and Clinical Pilates is aware of this and aims to be safe and very gentle for mother and baby. Many pregnant women can do clinical Pilates all the way to their due date.

Aids Rehabilitation After Injury

Guided Pilates is very useful in the safe rehabilitation of injuries. A physiotherapist trained in our clinic first assesses your disability and then develops the most suitable exercises for your needs. Each exercise can be performed at a safe and effective pace necessary for injury recovery. This recovery will be done in a safe manner and is aimed towards preventing further injuries.

Promotes Body Awareness

This style of Pilates is aimed to help you be more aware of the movements your body is making while regulating your body and increasing stability. The more Clinical Pilates you do, the better your body and mind will be connected. This will then extend far beyond your classes to your daily life, bettering your general wellness.

Improves Overall Health

is not just great for your core muscles but it also tones and stretches other muscle groups to give you a whole-body improvement. This style of Pilates will also improve your cardio health, which will increase your entrance and fitness overall.

Pilates works to condition your entire body, from top to bottom. Which includes, wrists, hands, ankles and feet. This whole-body training helps you better go through daily life and is why many professional athletes use Clinical Pilates for better performance and injury prevention in the long term.

Reduces Back and Neck Pain

Clinical Pilates can help with neck and back pain by targeting inactive muscles in your back and neck. Making it perfect for people who have a desk job or any job that doesn’t require high physical activity throughout the day. This type of Pilates will help you stretch and tone these muscles to a level where you’re more resilient to muscle strains and injuries. For more health news and updates, keep updated with us.

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