Alternative Cancer Treatments

The Alternative Cancer Treatments You Didn’t Know Existed

The field of medical sciences has evolved over the centuries, and as we have made our journey from using herbs and other means of treatment to cure the human body, it is phenomenal how we’ve come up with treatments for cancer and hepatitis as well.

Because this article is related to the different kinds of cancer treatments that are being used all around the world, we will tell how other methods of treatments are also being adopted by doctors to cure cancer. Alternative methods to chemotherapy, surgery and radiation have been used in different cases. Mostly, patients do not respond well to chemotherapy and develop severe side effects which take them years to recover from.

The alternative ways of curing cancer have proven successful in many cases and are slowly gaining fame in the cancer treatment industry. Here are some of these treatments that are not only effective but also not very severe on the body.

Raising The Body Temperatures

This method is quite a unique one and it’s called Whole-Body Hyperthermia. This is a method that is used to treat cancer that has spread all over the body. It is a simple yet quite complicated process when it comes to controlling the temperature of the body. The patient is placed in a thermal chamber or hot water blankets are wrapped around him or her.

The aim is to take the temperature of the body tissue as high as 113 °F in order to damage and kill it. The normal tissue is not harmed in the process which makes it an excellent way to treat cancer. This method is also called thermotherapy.

What Kind Of Cancers Can Be Treated With This Therapy?

Thermotherapy is not a very common method used by doctors and neither is it offered by a lot of medical centers. But it has been known to be successful in treating the following cancers:

  • appendix cancer
  • bladder
  • brain cancer
  • breast
  • cervical cancer
  • esophageal cancer
  • head and neck cancer
  • liver
  • lung cancer
  • melanoma
  • mesothelioma
  • sarcoma
  • rectal cancer

Stem Cell Transplants

The stem cell transplant in most cases does not directly fight cancer cells, instead, it helps your body heal quickly after going through chemotherapy and radiation. The process involves taking stem cells from the bone marrow and injecting them into the vein of the patient. The stem cells can be taken from the patient’s body, from a blood relative, or from a twin if the requirements are met. These stem cells then travel in the bloodstream to the bone marrow to help increase the multiplication of healthy stem cells which aid in cancer recovery and prevent a relapse.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a process in which the proteins of the cancer cells that control the growth, division, and spread of the cancer cells are targeted and diminished. This method makes use of genetic engineering and finishes off cancer growth in the cells and overall body by making it difficult for the cancer cells to survive and multiply.

Different medical centers like VeritaLife are offering variations in cancer treatments which has made it very easy for cancer patients. You can get examined and consultation regarding these treatments if you are a cancer patient and see what works for you.

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