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Australian companies prioritise Philippine-based outsourcing workers

Many businesses rely on outsourcing developers to carry out their IT-related projects. Their commitment to hire dedicated developers aims to promote their businesses and improve what they already have.

This article will discuss what is outsourcing and its benefits to businesses are. Also, we will tackle why Australian companies prioritise Philippine-based outsourcing workers.

The benefits of outsourcing

Almost 64% of businesses worldwide have merged themselves with outsourcing developers, and there are good reasons why. Often said, the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the disadvantages. Before we discuss the benefits, let us define first what is outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a business activity that hires a third-party contractor or agency to carry out a specific task or project. So, instead of getting workers from within the vicinity, you get workers abroad to do the work for you. What are the benefits?

  • Lower cost on the same quality. Developers offshore often provide the same quality project output as when you hire developers locally. A considerable difference in the charges, though. Most developers abroad charge lower fees on their projects. This is possible because of the lower cost of living they have in their country – meaning the prices of commodities are lower.
  • Your local developers can focus more on their core functions. Being overworked is unhealthy both for the developer and the business. It leads to low quality of service and products. The presence of outsourced developers who can work for several extra pieces of baggage will assist your local developers to focus more on their core functions in the business. A balanced communication and collaboration between these two assets will contribute to the company’s overall prosperity.
  • It has improved efficiency and quality of services. The quality and efficiency of service result from developers working together to achieve the company’s goal. Because of this, outsourcing developers who work independently but of high quality will improve the efficiency and quality of services being offered to potential clients.

Why Philippine-based developers are sought after

Philippine-based developers have shown how competitive they are, making them one of the most generally desired developers in the world. Why?

  • They can speak the English language well. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. After all, English is one of their national languages. From the first day of school until college, the English language is being studied and serves as a medium of instruction. Working with Western countries, the language barrier cannot pose an issue between outsourced developers and their companies. Filipinos can pick up instructions more uncomplicated and execute them in their activities related to the business.
  • Filipinos are time flexible. They often leave no stones unturned before they unwind and relax. Philippine-based developers can work on holidays and weekends to recuperate their tasks. Their flexibility in schedule allows them to provide high-quality software development projects.
  • The time zone difference between the Philippines and Australia is unnoticeable. The city of Perth in Australia has the same time as the Philippines, while Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are just two hours ahead. It allows software developers in the Philippines to work closely with Australian businesses.
  • The competency of Philippine-based developers has grown over time. Software developers from the Philippines have shown competence in the field, making them the most sought after developers globally.

Indeed, there are good reasons why Australian companies notice and prioritise Philippine-based developers as outsourced team players. In the last two years of the pandemic, businesses with outsourced workers outshine others, especially those connected to information technology.

As we go forward to a modernised society, businesses must adopt new workplaces strategy to help them win additional clients.

The conclusion

Undoubtedly, the growing number of businesses adopting outsourcing developers to work on specific tasks concludes that it is an effective business management strategy. While there are various considerations, outsourcing allows companies to expand in ways that were unexpected before.

For example, most businesses with integrated outsourcing staff are now operational 24/7. It is possible because of the time zone difference between local staff and outsourced developers.

If your company needs help with its software development projects, outsourcing can be of great help. Several business activities that businesses acquire outsource developers are software development projects, call centre agents or customer support representatives, SEO content writing services, virtual assistants, appointment setting, bills and payments management, and several others.

Indeed, you may reach out to Philippine-based developers to maximise your business potential in the online community. Whatever tech-related projects you may have, being with the world’s most sought after developers will enhance your potential income.

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